Teaching, Empowering,
Leading and Learning

Survey Results

Thank you for taking the TELL ACPS Survey!

Research shows that there is a positive association between teaching conditions and student learning. That is why the leaders of ACPS offered an anonymous, online, district-wide teaching conditions survey administered by the New Teacher Center on January 25 - March 1, 2016. ACPS district and school leaders want to hear directly from you about the conditions in your school and the supports you need to do your jobs well. The intent of this work is to provide schools and our district with data that can be used to enhance school improvement efforts. The survey is called TELL ACPS not just because we want to hear from you, but because the survey is about Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning.

The TELL survey asked questions about the allocation of time; facilities; resources; student learning; community engagement; empowerment; school leadership; professional development; and mentoring. The survey was  completely voluntary, confidential, and anonymous. It represents a valuable opportunity for teachers to provide feedback and input to the district that will be used to help our schools.